Wasp Nest Removal Destruction

Wasps nests and their removal/destruction are one of the main pest control treatments we provide throughout the Summer months and into Autumn.

If you are in urgent need of help with a wasps nest, hornets or bee nest call us straight away on 01284 799398, we can offer advice and help over the phone or arrange to visit you as soon as possible.

The wasp nests will have began life back in April when a fertilised Queen came out of hibernation and found somewhere to build a small golf ball sized nest. She will have laid a dozen eggs which she cared for and fed when they hatched into larvae. These larvae then go into a cocoon state where they change into adult wasps (much like a catapillar into a  butterfly).

Now the nest has workers who can help build the nest and go foraging for food. The Queen can then begin to concentrate on laying more eggs.

Our busiest time for wasp nests is the end of June/July. It is normally around this time that the nest starts to produce large numbers of worker wasps which gets the nest noticed.

Some nests are in the ground (often the more aggressive nests), some in bushes and often in walls and lofts.

Even if the nest is indoors, we normally treat a nest from the outside. Providing we can locate and access the entrance point to the nest destruction usually only takes 2 - 3 hours. We have several methods and products to treat wasps nests including liquid insecticide sprays, fumigation space treatments and aerosols. However we usually prefer to use a contact insecticide dust. This dust is applied directly into the nest or at the entrance points. The wasps on entering or leaving the nest will come into contact with the nerve agent and walk it back inside the nest on our behalf, spreading small amounts as it goes this method when used with the correct products is extremely effective. On occasions we are required to return to a nest  - which we do free of charge, and a second treatment will be applied.

Wasps nests and Hornets nests are treated the same way, the actual nest itself does not need to be removed.

Old nests are never reused (although very rarely the case with hornets) and if access is available they are easily removed. Constructed out of mulched wood, wasp and hornet nests can be knocked down with a broom handle or cut from beams with a knife and dropped into a bin bag.

If you have a wasps nest you would liek treating professionally please give us a call, we can normally have someone with you within 24 hours of your call.