Pest Control in Stowmarket

Wasps nest removal in Stowmarket becomes a daily occurrence during the summer. We are usually able to get to you the day you call. We usually treat nests from the outside and it can be embarrassingly quick. Normally we will apply a contact dust into the nests entrance and then leave the wasps to do the rest of the work for us. Nests usually die-off within two to three hours after treating. Our wasp nest removal in Stowmarket usually allows us to to get rid of your wasps nest the same day you call.

A common pest control call out for us in Stowmarket is for rats. They are a common sight in peoples back gardens throughout the town. Rats will travel 250 meters from their nest to find food which will encompass many gardens. If you are seeing a rat in your garden, maybe around a bird feeder you will have an infestation of rats somewhere close by. If you have an infestation of rats on your own property it is your legal obligation to deal with them. If left alone a colony will build up with adults and sub adults moving off to colonise new areas including lofts, sheds and homes. Rats carry some very real diseases and illnesses, for reasons of public health rat infestations must be dealt with quickly.

Out of town in the villages surrounding Stowmarket we often deal with moles and rabbits. Using a variety of professional mole traps we maintain that trapping moles is not only the safest but most effective means of removing moles from gardens and lawns. Our team of working ferrets gets to earn their keep in winter as we control rabbit numbers by ferreting with nets. Using the latest electrical collars we send our workers down the rabbit holes and cover every entrance and bolt hole to the warren with purse nets. The rabbits soon come charging out and bag themselves up in the nets ready to be dispatched. Ferreting, like gassing, trapping and shooting only maintains the number of rabbits, if you want to eradicate the damage they cause to your garden and lawn you will need rabbit proof fencing (another service we offer).

A common pest to all town centres is the pigeon. Pigeons can be interesting birds to watch on a lunch break however they are vectors of over sixty diseases which can be transferred from bird to man. The problem lies in their droppings which accumulate in great quantities and over time dry out crumble and become airborne, these airborne particles are then breathed and absorbed into the mucus membrane of the nose and infecting the victim.

Some of the wonderful diseases pigeon poo can infect you with include E coli, Salmonela, Meningitis, Cryptococcosis, Respiratory histoplasmosis and Ocular histoplasmosis (one which eats away the eyeball). Not only can they do all this, there poo also damages buildings due to its high acidic levels

One of our customers was having some problems with feral pigeons. Another property near by had proofed its wharehouse to keep pigeons out, which had only moved the problem onto my clients property. The solution was to affix bird spikes along the wood work which the birds were roosting on. Actually, all we did was just to move the problem along again but hopefully to somewhere where their droppings didn’t cause an inconvenience.

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