Pest Control in Bury St Edmunds

We provide professional treatments and ongoing service agreements in our home town of Bury St Edmunds.

We can help with all pest problems including wasp nest removal; mole trapping; rat and mouse infestations; fleas and clothes moth fumigations; carpet beetle infestations; honey bee re-location; cluster fly treatments; bedbug eradication; rabbit control; cockroach treatments and also humane muntjac deer capture.

If you would like to use an ethical local company we have the expertise to remove your pest problems safely and hopefully you'll find us to be not only professional, but geuinely friendly too.

Our number is 01284 799398 and we'd like you to call us if you need some help.

Every summer we remove and relocate swarms of honey bees. We are now working with a local charity Wood and Stuff to build national style beehives so that the bees will have a new homes.

Wasps nests are our most common call-out during the summer. Calls to homes in Bury St Edmunds for wasp nest removal come in from all over town, from the Morton Hall to the Howard Estate and right in the town centre too. We work with many schools throughout the borough offering them reduced rates as our local schools.

Wasps carry potent stings. You may have seen Martin the senior technician at The Suffolk Pest Control Company Ltd in the Bury Free Press after being stung whilst treating a wasps nest in June 2010. He suffered an anaphylatic reaction to the venom and ended up in an A&E resuscitation bay. Martin continues to work with wasps nest in Bury St Edmunds but now has some extra safe protective equipment.

We carry out all types of pest control in Bury St Edmunds, rats and mice are vey common problems in our area. Pest control treatments for rats and mice usually involve a minimum of three visits to ensure the problem has been taken care of.  Fleas are another common call-out for us in Bury St Edmunds, a single treatment is often enough to deal with even a heavy infestation of fleas.

No matter what your pest control problem is in Bury St Edmunds we can provide you with a reliable solution from a local company. Please feel free to call us on 01284 799398