Flea infestation control

Flea infestation control.

When treated professionally Flea infestations are treated with potent residual insecticide sprays which are child and pet friendly.

Flea infestations are common in homes where pet dogs and cats live. Unfortunately they often bite humans and the itchy bites can become infected by scratching.

Flea eggs drop out of pest coats and end up in cracks and crevices and also in the carpets where they will hatch out.

If your home has a flea problem the first thing you need to do is get your pet to vets and have it treated for fleas, if the vets treatment hasn't worked and your pet still has fleas go back and tell the vet.

If you need a flea infestation treating professionally in Suffolk or just would like to talk to someone about a flea problem call us on 01284 799398, we're here to help.