Cluster Fly Treatments

Cluster flies are a growing problem here in the UK. Although harmless they congregate in vast numbers making appearances in homes late Autumn and Winter and then again in Spring.

On slightly warmer days flies will appear as if from no-where and will inevitably head towards south facing windows. The usual source of these flies will be a loft cavitity and they can often be found lying in the downlights. The flies are not a sign of bad hygiene. Cluster flies search out loft cavties to hibernate throughout winter and by mistake come down into living areas when the temperature rises, rather than escaping to the outside.

There are a number of ways to treat for cluster flies. Insecticides delivered by either a smoke generator or a fogging machine as a space treatment of loft cavities is the usual method. This however is a one-off treatment, if undertaken in Autumn more flies may enter the property before winter sets in. 

Residual insecticides can be sprayed onto surfaces where the flies congregate as an additional treatment.

Bats are becoming more common and care must be taken to avoid disturbing any roosts. Evidence of bats in lofts is their droppings, which may be mistaken for mouse droppings. The rule of thumb is to rub any dropping you are unsure about, if it crumbles into a dust of insect parts its is bat poo. Mouse droppings will be shorter, smoother and will be hard, not crumbling under the thumb test.

If you have bats in your loft it would be illegal to use an insecticide spray treatment. The only option available is to install an electric fly killer in the loft. Great care must be taken when selecting an EFK unit for cluster fly control, catch trays will fill quickly with dead flies and risk shorting the device and possible fire. Cheaper EFKs should be avoided, and only units which allow for a bin bag to replace catch trays should be used. Also some models of Fly Killer Unit emmit high pitched noises which will affect the bats making their use illegal.

We only use one unit in these circumstances, the Pestwest TITAN 300. If required we can supply these machines at £149.00 inc VAT delivered. For more information on the Titan 300 try Google or